List of Poker Hands

Royal Flush

MIAMI, UNITED STATES: Chips, a deck of cards and a green mat, the poker set was one of the hottest items on Santa's list this past holiday season in the United States, reflecting a renewed passion for the game by adults and teens alike, made trendy by live coverage of million dollar tournaments on television. A Royal Flush is displayed 12 January 2005 in Miami, Florida. AFP PHOTO/Robert SULLIVAN

A straight flush from Ace to Ten (AKQJT of the same suit). This is the best hand in poker, as it has the least amount of ways to make the hand. There are 2 598 960 possible poker hands in a pack of 52 cards and only four ways to make a Royal Flush, so the chance of hitting a royal in five cards is 1 in 649 740.

Straight Flush

Any straight in the same suit that is not a Royal Flush (e.g. 87654 of the same suit) and can only be beaten by a Royal Flush or a higher Straight Flush.

Four of a Kind

Four cards of the same rank (2222). This is a great poker hand, as it can only be beaten by a Royal Flush, a Straight Flush or a higher four of a kind.

Full House

Three of a kind combined with a pair (QQQ33). The example hand would be Queens full of threes. If there is more than one full house in a particular hand, the player with the higher three of a kind wins.


Any five cards of the same suit that are not in sequence (247JK of Hearts). If two people have flushes, the player with the highest flush card wins.


Any five cards in sequence, not of the same suit (76543 unsuited).

Three of a Kind

When a player has three cards of the same rank (QQQ). A set is when the player holds a pocket pair and there is one of the same rank on the board, while trips refers to a player holding one of a rank with two more on the board.

Two Pair

When a player holds two different pairs (QQ55). If two players have two pair, the player with the highest pair wins the pot. If both players have the same top pair, then the higher second pair wins.

One Pair

Two cards of the same rank (77). If two players have a pair, then the player with the higher pair wins. If they have the same pair, then the highest kicker (highest card in the hand that doesn’t combine) wins.

High Card

When a hand in poker has no combination (see above), the player with the kicker, or highest card, wins. If two or more players have the same high card, the tie is broken by the second highest card and so on.