Poker Hall of Fame

Poker Hall of Fame

Harrah’s World Series of Poker (WSOP) adds
another name to the Poker Hall of Fame every year. Since 2005, two players have
been added each year.

Players must stand the test of time and gain the respect of
their peers, playing consistently well against top competition, for high
stakes, to meet the criteria for the Hall of Fame.

Felton “Corky” McCorquodale, 1979

Introduced Texas Hold’em
to Las Vegas in 1963.
Charter member. Deceased.

Johnny Moss,

Three-time world No-Limit Texas Hold’em champion. Charter
member. Deceased.

Red Winn, 1979

THE all around player. Charter member. Deceased.

Sid Wyman, 1979

Co-owned several gaming properties; noted high-stakes gambler. Charter member.

“Nick the Greek”
Dandolos, 1979

Known for making exorbitant wagers in Vegas casinos. Poker Hall of Fame charter
member. Deceased.

Edmond Hoyle, 1979

18th Century card game author. Charter member. Deceased.

“Wild Bill” Hickok,

19th Century gambler and lawman; killed holding aces and eights, now
known as “The Dead Man’s Hand.” Charter member.

“Blondie” Forbes, 1980

Master road gambler. Deceased.

Bill Boyd, 1981

One of the best Five-Card Stud
players of all time. Deceased.

Tom Abdo, 1982


Joe Bernstein, 1983

A sharp road gambler. Deceased.

Murph Harrold, 1984

One of the best Kansas City lowball players of all time. Deceased.

Red Hodges, 1985

One of the best Seven-Card Stud
players of all time. Deceased.

Henry Green, 1986

Road gambler from Alabama. Deceased.

Puggy Pearson, 1987

1973 World Champion. Deceased.

Doyle Brunson, 1988

1976 and 77 World Champion. The first player to win $1 million in tournament

Jack Straus, 1988

1982 World Champion. Deceased.

Fred “Sarge” Ferris,


Benny Binion, 1990

Inaugurated the World Series of Poker in 1970. Deceased.

David “Chip” Reese,

Enshrined at 40, Reese is the youngest member of the Poker Hall of Fame ever.

Thomas “Amarillo
Slim” Preston, 1992

Won the 1972 world title and took poker to a wider audience.

Jack Keller, 1993

1984 World Champion.

Julius Oral “Little
Man” Popwell, 1996

Enjoyed near-mythical gambling stature. Deceased.

Roger Moore, 1997

Hasn’t missed a World Series of Poker since 1974; three Main Event runner-up finishes.

Stu Ungar, 2001

Three-time World Champion; considered the greatest No-Limit Hold’em player ever.

Lyle Berman, 2002

Three-time winner at the WSOP.

, 2002

1987 and 1988 World Champion.

Bobby Baldwin, 2003

1978 WSOP Champion.

Berry Johnston, 2004

1986 World Champion.

Jack Binion, 2005

Inherited the Horseshoe legacy from his father.

Crandell Addington, 2005

Renowned poker ambassador and high stakes winner.

T.J. Cloutier, 2006

Has placed in the top 5 four times at the Main Event.

Billy Baxter, 2006

Winner of 7 World Series of Poker bracelets.

, 2007

The only
woman to date to make a WSOP final table appearance in Las Vegas. The only
female member of the Poker Hall of Fame.

Phil Hellmuth,

Holds the record for most WSOP bracelets, with 11.